Frequently Asked Questions

Will you ever combine my order with someone else’s?

Lots of other companies will put your order in a mesh bag and wash it in the same machine with someone else’s dirty laundry. They assume that you’ll never know, but we think that’s terrible and promise to always handle every order separately.

I live in a security building. What if I’m not home when you arrive?

Many security buildings have “gate codes” used to give vendors keyless access. You can enter your gate code in the “delivery instructions” field when you create your Clean People online account, and we will use it to pick up and deliver your laundry right at your front door. Your building’s manager can probably tell you your gate code if you don’t know it.

If your building does not have a gate code, you can also meet us when we make our first pick-up and give us a copy of your gate key. We will keep the key in a safe place and return it to you at your request.

Which laundry product brands do you use?

We use all® brand laundry detergent (or similar) and Downy® fabric softener. 100% biodegradable and fragrance-free (hypoallergenic) detergents are also available upon request.

Can you pick up and deliver at my work address?

Of course, but we must have access to your work address during the scheduled pick-up and delivery time windows.

How do I pay for a pick-up and delivery order?

We accept all major credit cards and we charge your account after your laundry order is complete. We will e-mail a receipt after we process your payment.

Where are you based and what areas do you serve?

We’re based in Santa Monica and we service Santa Monica, Brentwood, Venice, Mar Vista, Westwood and West Los Angeles.

Laundry can be fun!

(when you aren’t the one doing it)

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