About us

Tired of doing laundry?


POPWASH is dedicated to freeing up your time and doing all your washing, folding and laundry-lugging for you.  We handle every order separately and we use the best detergents and fabric softeners available.  Wash day just got a whole lot easier!

All you need to do is schedule your first order and create an account.  Place your laundry outside before your selected pick-up window, and we’ll return it to you at the appointed time, washed, folded and packed to perfection.  Placing subsequent orders is even easier – just log in and choose your times.  We’ll take care of everything else.

We’re passionate about what we do and we’re committed to providing the very best laundry service available.  So, take a load off.  We’ll pick it up and bring it back, clean!

We love to wash!

(and we’re really good at it)

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